Archieven: Portfolio

Car Girl Garage

Don’t have any mechanic skills? Think again!
You can do more than you think and Miriam will show you!

Time Crimes

Can you find all the Hidden Objects?
Prevent the theft of rare historical artifacts and stop the criminal in his tracks!

Home Designer

Are you ready for some Hidden Object + Home Improvement action?
Sell off old stuff and completely redecorate the Living Room!

Blackstone Mysteries

The city of Westford and its citizens desperately need YOUR HELP in this exciting and addictive Hidden Object Adventure game!

Home Makeover 4

Tamalaki’s Home Makeover Hidden Object series is back again with new scenes, scenarios, and adventures! Help Emma with home decorations.

Mystery Society 3

Join the Mystery Society and Find Hidden Objects! Your favorite team of elite detectives is back to solve puzzles and investigate crimes.

Bingo Pets

It’s Bingo time!
Come in and enjoy a relaxing story with your animal friends!
This bingo game is all about pet rescue.


Welcome to the historic medieval village of Rivermoor!
Help Hadrick reserve the peace in this vacant medieval town.


Explore the mystery dungeons of Cliffmont Castle in this adventure! Traverse huge levels, collect jewels and gems.

Home Designer Blast

Train your brain with challenging puzzle games and awaken your inner home designer stylist with a perfect dream house design!

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