FAQ – Home Makeover 4

How to get outside the house?
To go outside to the level screen from the decor screen, press the large green arrow button on the right side of the screen.

How to get to the decor room?
To go to the decor screen from the level screen, press the decor icon. This is the first/most left icon on the icon bar in the lower left corner of the screen.The decor screen is explained in more detail in this video:

What are the people icons moving outside and why do some have green and others have red arrows?
The icons of people moving outside are people wandering around in the garden looking to trade with you. When they have a green arrow it means you currently have the items they want in your inventory. When they have a red arrow it means that you currently don’t have the item they want. You can still tap them to find out what they want.

How tot trade items?
To trade items with the people outside you need to tap on the icon of a person. A trade item window will pop up. On the left it shows the items that the person wants. On the right it shows the reward you’ll receive if you trade the items.

If you have the items they want you can choose “trade” or “close” on the bottom. Tap “trade” if you want to complete the trade, tap “close” if you don’t want to trade for now. You can always return to the same person to trade at a later time.

If you don’t have the items they want you can tap the items they want to see where it can be found. You can then tap the “show” button to see which room you can find the item.

Why trade items?
You can trade items to get something else you might have more use for. For example you can trade materials for coins if you’re running out of inventory space. Or you can trade surplus collection items for other, often more rare collection items to complete a collection. Just look at what a person has to offer and what they want, maybe it is interesting for you to trade. Sometimes it’s worth to trade items so that new people with fresh offers will come. You’re free to trade or not to trade, your choice!

How to complete collections?
To complete collections you need to collect all five different items that are in a collection. You can view the collections by tapping the suitcase icon in the lower left icon bar on the level screen. You can tap each collection item to see where the item can be found. You can tap show to be pointed to the right location. Beware, sometimes you need to earn more mastery stars for a level for the item to become available. You can also ask your friends for collection items by adding items to your wishlist.

How to hand in collections?
To hand in a collection you need to have at least one of all five collection items. Additionally you need extra items, symbolized on the right of the collection in the four small squares. These charger items can drop from hidden object scenes or can be given to you by your friends when you add them to your wishlist. Tapping the item will show you where the item could possibly be found. When you have all the items you can hand in the collection. You will receive the reward displayed below the collection and the special item displayed on the right. You can hand in collections as many times as you like.

How to obtain collection items?
Collection items have different rarities: common, uncommon, rare and epic. Common items are the easiest to obtain and will drop often. Rare and epic items are very hard to obtain and will require multiple tries. To increase your chances of finding these items there are three boosters available in the shop:
– Sheep token: Increases your chance of finding items (in general) by 15% for 30 minutes
-Toy Rabbit’s foot: 100% chance to get rare items from the next jumble sale.
– Bigger socks: 100% chance of finding 2 items from the next jumble sale.
These boosters can be used separately or you can use them simultaneously to really improve your chances.

What can you do with the items obtained from collections?
These items can be used to unlock the final tier of decor items.

What are the different types of energy?
The energy bar on your decor screen is your social energy. This depletes when you visit friends and give them energy or gift them items. It refills with time.

The energy bar on the level screen represents your searching energy. This is used when you play a hidden object scene. The amount of energy needed for each scene depends on the mastery of that scene and which search mode is active. You can check the amount of energy required when you tap a scene. This energy refills with time, or you can use a food item to recover energy. Playing the solitaire game also gives you energy.

The ticket bar on the level screens represents the amount of tickets left for minigames. Every time you play a minigame it costs you 1 ticket. You can choose which type of minigame you want to play. Tickets are replenished with time or you can buy an express ticket in the shop to fill up your ticket bar.

How does the inventory work?
The inventory holds all the items you obtain from minigames, hidden object scenes, quest rewards or opening chests plus your decor items. Every type of item can be stacked 99 times. When it exceeds 99 items a new stack will be made. Your inventory space is limited, but can be expanded with coins. Keep an eye on your inventory to make sure you don’t run out of space. You can use certain items in your inventory or if you’re sure you are not going to need the item anymore you can sell them.

How can I use my decor items and furniture?
On the decor screen, tap the decor button. This is the first button on the icon bar in the lower left corner. This opens the decor menu. You can scroll through the menu using the arrow buttons. You can select a type of decor item by tapping on it. Then you can select the decor item you want and buy it. You can either directly buy the decor item, or you have to buy the blueprint. The blueprint can then be built into the decor item if you have sufficient materials. Some decor items have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can buy them. This is shown in the window above the decor item.

How to manage your inventory?
Home makeover 4 comes with limited inventory space that can be expanded. Here are some tips to manage your inventory with minimal losses of items.
Check the amount of space you have left before you open chests or start gathering materials. This avoids unexpected loss of items.
– Don’t overstack materials. Look at the blueprints you have to build. What do you require? For example, it might be that you don’t need bricks to build them. Sell the bricks to avoid loss of materials you do need.
– Invest in expanding your inventory at first. You might want to start building and redecorating with enthusiasm when you start. However, it pays to expand your inventory a bit first so you can actually collect enough materials. Look for useful trades. Some people will pay you handsomely for your materials.
– Use your boosters. Take a look in your inventory and see which types of boosters you have. If there’s anything you can use, use it. Don’t let them sit around and clutter up your inventory.
-Hand in complete collections. This might free up a lot of inventory space at once if you only have 1 of each item. Check the rewards to see how many items you receive in return.
Gather and open chests. Especially silver and gold chests often contain 1 or 2 free inventory spaces. Collect chests from your daily reward and quests and in certain hidden object scenes or the tiles connect minigame. Once again, check if you have space in your inventory before you open them to avoid loss of useful items.

How to unlock the cat bed?
Unlocking the cat bed is part of the storyline. You need to play for a bit and finish the quests that you get. The cat storyline starts with Benjamin looking for his lucky pen. To unlock the cat bed you need to finish this quest and the quests that follow after. When you’ve finished the “Kitty’s first food” quest, the cat bed will be available. You can however continue on to redecorate your mansion. Other decor categories are not linked to the cat bed category.

How to dress up your cat?
You can get many types and different items of clothing for your cat. Each item originally consists of 5 different ‘pieces’. You can find these pieces of cat clothing as a rare reward for solving HO scenes, in chests, or as a task reward. You need to find all 5 pieces of an item before you are able to use it. When you tap the cat menu (the paw print button on the bottom right of the decor screen) you can see how much pieces of each item you already have. Underneath it will say: ‘current pieces …/5’. When you have 5/5 the item can be used to dress up your cat. There is one exception to this rule: there are some seasonal costumes you can obtain for your cat that you will be able to use immediately after they’ve been found.

Why log in with Facebook?
Logging in with Facebook is not necessary to play the game. However it enables your game to be saved in the cloud, allowing you to continue your game on any device. To enable the social functions the game must also be connected to Facebook. When you befriend other players through Facebook you can send each other energy, hints or items. The social functions are nice bonuses, but not necessary. You can skip the social quests if you want, or just leave them unsolved if you don’t want to spend the gems.

How to use the wishlist in the collections screen?
The wishlist allows you to add items you need to complete your collections. When your friends visit you they will see the list and they can give you these items. Please note there’s a difference between the type of item.
– The collection items are the 5 items actually belonging to the collection. Your friends can only give you this item if they have it in their inventory.
The charger items are the 4 items shown on the right of the collection items. These can be given for free by your friends without them having to give up one of their own items.

How to play the honey gathering minigame?
The honey gathering minigame is a chaining minigame. The board is filled with honey pots and flowers. This is how you play the game:

-You need to make chains of the same items. A chain is at least 3 units long and can be as long possible.
To gather honey you need to make a chain of at least 3 units.
-You need to clear flowers off the board to make room for other tiles, which can include more honey
-Chains of 5 or more will give you bonus seconds, the longer the chain, the more seconds you get
-Try to gather as much honey as possible within the limited time
-Tip: It can be useful to first clear a lot of flowers to be able to make a long chain of honey. However, keep an eye on the timer!

Happy playing!

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