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Level Difficulty & Playing Strategy

While our game is generally very easy to play, it gets a bit harder slowly. After all, we believe puzzle games should convey real life learning situation. You can stay in grade school for as long as you like but that’d be boring because you’d be learning the same lesson over and over again. You need to progress at school, learning new topics and getting know new subjects every year. And that’s the idea behind level creation from our amazing level designer team.

Levels should not be so easy that you’d feel bored

Levels should not be too hard that you feel like you need to pay to win

It has to be JUST right

It’s no rocket science, but it can be quite challenging to achieve sometimes. Every 2 weeks (or earlier), we release 50 new levels. That’s so many levels coming from our small team just in under 15 days. That’s why we put a LEVEL FEEDBACK button at top right corner in your game. Whenever you feel a level is challenging or fun (or both), give us a thumb-up. If you feel our team messes something up and makes a level frustratingly too difficult, give us a thumb-down and send us an email. We, Origaming, read every email coming to us from that channel, while our friends at Tamalaki does reply some.

Here are some tips crafted by our team to help you win in this game

– Try different strategy

Scan the  level for the type of blockers you are presented with, take your time before you make your move, and look at the board carefully so you can plan ahead. If after a couple of tries you are still unable to complete a level, it could be time to consider a different strategy. For example, in some levels it could make sense to try blasting the whole board with Double Battery. In others, making Drill + Battery could be better. Different situation calls for different strategy!

– Daily Gifts

Make use of our variety of ways to win free gifts! When you login in the morning, you’ll get to open a card containing free gifts in Daily Bonus. Then, Daily Login also rewards you for logging into the game everyday; the more you login, the better the rewards! When you beat a level, you’ll collect a Star. Collect enough stars and you can open a Star Box! If that’s enough, you can try your luck with our Lucky Wheel!

– Youtube Guide

When you’re stuck at a level, you can check our official Youtube channel for ideas on how to beat levels here:

The list is still short but we keep adding new videos based on player feedback

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