Bingo Pets

It’s Bingo time!
Come in and enjoy a relaxing story with your animal friends! This bingo game is all about pet rescue.

Pet rescue? Oh yes! Your animal friends need help. Go on a bingo quest to save them all! Save the bunny, squirrel, sugar glider, owl, hedgehog, fox, parrot, etc…Luckily your dog friend is always there to help out. His name? BINGO of course!

Enjoy this game for free and bingo offline if you like.

Relax with free bingo games. You can choose between 2-card bingo or 4-card bingo.

Customize the game the way you like it: Make the call speed slower or faster. Choose between a Male and a Female voiceover.
Want to make it even more relaxing? Choose auto-daub and never miss a…BINGO!

Bingo Pets

★ Choose between 2 or 4 Bingo cards
★ Male and Female Call voiceover – pick your favorite!
★ Set your own Call Speed
★ Play for Free
★ Enjoy Offline
★ Collect animal friends
★ Cute Story

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