Treasure Match 3

The MYSTERY SOCIETY needs your help to explore ancient ruins and recover their lost treasures!→

Begin your Adventure: Join the world-famous Mystery Society, beat match-3 levels, explore ancient ruins around the world, piece together treasure maps, find their hidden secrets and then show them all off in your personal trophy room! Team up with an exciting cast of characters and become the greatest explorer the world has seen! This is a free match 3 game you don’t want to miss!

TRAVEL THE GLOBE! Travel around the world to places most people never dream of visiting – as you piece together clues and uncover ancient secrets. Don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenes of every new location!

EXPLORE ANCIENT RUINS! Explore ancient ruins and caverns in search of their coveted treasures. The Mystery Society travels to far-off corners of the earth to piece together puzzles and reveal their secrets.

REVEAL HIDDEN TREASURE MAPS! Find pieces of maps, put them together, then explore the map and find hidden treasure! Solving mysteries has never felt so rewarding!

STORE COLLECTIBLES IN YOUR PERSONAL TROPHY ROOM Show off every rare prize you you find and earn rewards for checking in and playing every day.

PLAY WITH FRIENDS! Send and request items with friends and compete for high scores. See friends’ trophy rooms and show off your own! Play with friends through Facebook and share your awesome match-3 adventures.

Addictive classic match-3 game play No internet connection required to play Get special power ups and earn trophies Play for free! Use awesome booster items Facebook integration

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