Blackstone Mysteries

Investigate unique mysteries in this Hidden Object game!

Become an ace detective! Solve mysteries and complete quests in a city fraught with intrigue and suspense! Find Hidden Objects and uncover the secrets in the town of Westford!

Can you unravel the city’s most baffling mysteries? Find out by playing the best Hidden Object game on Android! Hundreds of quests and an ever-growing collection of scenes await you!

Main Features
– Explore gorgeous scenes made for high resolution displays!
– No Internet connection required to play!
– Enjoy seven exciting game modes like Mirror Mode and Night Mode!
– Complete a myriad of quests as you assist the residents of Westford!
– Regular updates with new scenes, quests, and characters!
– Collect hundreds of items and complete a variety of collections!
– Difficulty increases as you play each scene!
– Utilize hints to help you complete scenes!
– Make friends and send gifts without a Facebook or Twitter account!
– Interact and trade information with a cast of colorful characters!
– Try and get the highest score for every scene!