HORUS Investigation – Hidden Object Mystery Game

People have been disappearing all around town. You overheard your neighbors saying that their parents went missing… and this morning you realized they’re missing too! Their lights are still on and the front door was left swinging open… What is going on? Do you dare investigate?

This mystery hidden object game is for the brave only. Explore the town to search for clues. Luckily, you have HORUS as your guide. Follow his lead, figure out his secrets, and investigate the hidden object mystery! Free the town’s prisoners as you solve hidden object puzzles and piece together the clues.

Tiptoe through the dark shadows on a Seek and Find adventure! Will you solve the haunted mystery or meet a doomed fate?

Unlock rooms to release prisoners!
Explore the town to search for clues!
Search for Hidden Objects!
Unlock and collect heroes and achievements!
Use Zoom, Hints, and different search modes!
Connect to Facebook!
Zoom in and out!
Hints available!
Claim daily rewards!