Forsaken Island – Hidden Object Mystery Finder

Crash onto The Forsaken Island in the the middle of a night time storm and embark on a haunted hidden object adventure. Meet Lady Annabel, one of the island’s hosts that will introduce you to the mysteries around the map. Lady Annabel will introduce you to the boatman, a haunted soul that will guide you on your mystery adventure…

WARNING: The Forsaken Island is full of treasure and danger. Follow the instructions of your guides closely to stay safe.

Travel the map and search for lost objects. Walk down Spooky Street and stop and search the Merchant’s Cabin or the Tavern. If you’re feeling brave, wander further down the lane into glowing and mysterious enchanted forest. What secrets are lurking in the shadows? Seek and find the answers to the mystery search puzzle in the objects you collect.

Collect useful items by solving free Hidden Object puzzles across the island’s map. Keep track of your collections in your inventory and craft new items with the resources you collect. Need a resource quicker that you can create it? Purchase new supplies at the shop.

Each new hidden object puzzle brings new challenges but no worries, there are hints from the island’s haunted ghosts available to guide you when you get stuck!

Discover your secret abilities that will help you solve the quest before you!

Will you overcome the haunted hidden object challenges ahead and reveal the island’s secrets?