Ben Olde’s Wizard’s Quest – Hidden Object

A colorful hidden object game with a breath-taking pirate story and puzzles!
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Captain Benjamin “Grimbeard” Olde – a pirate, a sailor, an adventurer is approached by his first mate, Vinegar Violet. Violet seems to be in a need for a good old-fashioned pirate story and Ben Olde has plenty of those!

After finding vast riches of the “lost gold” treasure, Ben Olde was seeking for good place to store them. But transporting such an amount of gold coins around the world can be risky – an evil wizard learns of Ben’s possessions. This is the tale of Wizard’s Quest – will Captain Grimbeard lose his treasures or maybe gain even more? And how is the map jigsaw puzzle connected to all of this?

Each scene is rich in detail and pleasant to solve, however not without a challenge! Try yourself! Learn the whole story of the greedy, weather controlling wizard!