Island Of Destiny Hidden Object

Are you ready for an exciting hidden object adventure on the Destiny Island?

Meet Maria Timm, a skilled airplane pilot working for a delivery company. Maria crash landed on a mysterious island. Join her on the magnificent tropical adventure while she navigates through a maze of colorful and breathtaking locations. Sharpen your searching skills and find numbers of hidden objects which will help Maria in leaving the island and unveiling its mysteries and treasures.

Main Features
– Lots and lots of hidden object levels to play;
– mini games including match-3 and jigsaw puzzle and more;
– Search for objects by name, picture, silhouette, anagram, mirror modes, etc.
– Use keys to complete an ancient Stone Circle;
– Star rating system – collect stars to proceed with the adventure;
– Complete quests to complete item gallery and uncover the map;
– Find up to 6 memorized objects in special levels;
– Clever fun to solve hidden object scenes;
– Item search in over 10 modes;
– Inspiring artwork in realistic, breathtaking locations;
– Unlockable content!