Home Makeover 1

Lucky you, you’ve stumbled upon the best Hidden Object game ever! This is not a joke, i repeat this is not a joke. No sarcasm here we promise. You are in for a real TREAT!

In this game you will help Emma restore her Grandparents’ old house back to its old glory! Make money from jumble sales aka garage sales to buy furniture and new fixtures for their old house! Caution: this game is very addicting, I can’t stress it enough.

This exciting free Hidden Object game is sure to be the best game you will ever play hands down, with the exception of the sequel of course. It’s hands down way better than the average ones you have been playing!

This free hidden object game combines 3 popular game mechanics: Hidden Object, Time Management and Match 3!

Main features:
– Story Mode: Help Emma restore her Grandparents’ old house back to its old glory! Make money from jumble sales. Give your neighbors items they desire, search for hidden objects they want. With the money you earn, you will be able to buy furniture for your Grandparent’s house.

– Game Modes: There are more than 10 distinct game modes to find objects, so you won’t feel bored playing this game over and over again! Like we said, this is a FUN Hidden Object game. No boring G5 summits here. Just the best free Hidden Object game for you and your family to play.

Will you be the big fish with the highest score?

– Tutorial: There is a tutorial for each new feature introduced into the game, you will understand completely what you’re doing to find objects with ease!
– Unlimited Game: Unlimited levels spanning around 12 gorgeous scenes!
– Achievements: 9 challenging achievements for you to pursue!
– Player Profiles: Create up to 5 profiles so that everyone in the family can play!
– Stamp Collecting: On occasion you will also get to play an entertaining Match 3 Minigame! A really fun and refreshing quick break from searching for Hidden Objects!
– Item Hunt mode: Find 20 items of the same kind, instead of working from a list! There are 12 Item Hunt levels in this game, try to play them all!
– Extra Content: Play 4 different game modes (NEW!)
– Zoom feature: Helps you find smaller Hidden Objects!
– Bonus Useful Tips: So you can learn useful home tips as you play this adventure game!
– There’s a RELAX MODE setting in the game’s PAUSE Menu in case you prefer a relaxing Gameplay (some game modes are not affected by this setting)

– Some scenes may look a bit darker and harder to find items. It is advised to adjust your device’s brightness when this happens.
– There are known issues with devices that are overloaded with apps.
– Over time, your device’s performance may degrade. To ensure maximum performance, try restarting your device prior to playing our game.
– If you have problem installing the game, please reach us for help.

We want you to be fully satisfied with our game! Enjoy this free adventure hidden object game. It’s one of the best games out there. Let us know if you encounter any issues while playing HomeMakeover. Send us an email and we’ll respond ASAP. We respond back to every email we receive and try to fix bugs as quickly as we can!

*Powered by Dolby Audio on supported devices.

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