Manor Fable – Hidden Object

Meet Greg, the young heir to a high-profile old mansion. A mysterious aura has enveloped the estate, without a few choices, the young lad ended up hiring Emma, the home makeover professional extraordinaire to take a look at his property in full detective mode! What could be the story behind this eerie place?
Follow Emma and Greg’s adventure as they uncover the riddle behind the manor in this extraordinary Hidden Object game that will definitely leave you glued to your seat without salvation!

It’s combined of the 3 most popular game mechanics! Hidden Object, Time Management and Match 3!

This FREE version features the full experience of Manor Fable game. We display in-game ads in exchange for providing you the most complete features of the game for FREE. At anytime, you may choose to unlock the full version from within the game, removing most advertisements and also supporting us altogether.

Main features:
– A prolific appearance of Emma from the Home Makeover series!
– A compelling story mode equipped with many new beautiful scenes and challenging game modes!
– Player Profiles: Create up to 5 profiles so that everyone in the family can play!
– Match 3 game: On occasion you will also get to play an exciting Match 3 Mini-game! A really fun and refreshing quick break from finding Hidden Objects!
– Extra Content: Play 4 different game modes anytime when you want a quick session!
– Zoom feature: A must-have feature for every Hidden Object game for mobile devices, this will help you look for smaller items!