Ben Olde’s Underwater Trip – Hidden Object

A clever hidden object/puzzle game with an astonishing pirate tale!

Pirate captain Benjamin “Grimbeard” Olde meets Tall John. One thing leads to another and a breakfast with a particularly large amount of salt brings the memory of a legendary salt mines and treasures once lying therein.

Robert Steward, a traveller and sailor extraordinaire is told to had eaten nothing else but salt from his famous mines. But salt is not what Ben Olde was looking for – some unbelievable riches were supposedly hidden under the mines. Grimbeard’s brave crew will stop at nothing to add more gold or artifacts to their treasure! To do this, they’d need not only to solve several areas with hidden objects but also puzzles, protecting both the way in and out!

Each scene in this fantastic game is rich in detail and pleasant to solve, however not without a challenge! Try yourself! Learn the whole story of the mysterious salt mines of Robert Steward and the underwater passage to be found there!